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Birth Certificate Translation In Dubai

birth certificate translation
We will discover everything about Birth Certificate Translation In Dubai in detail through this digital article from ATS press. A birth certificate is a legal document issued by the government to a citizen. It contains information about the name of the child, his nationality, gender, religion, his date and place of birth, the name of[...]
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Principles of Effective Communication

efffective communication
Communication is a process of exchanging thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and information. In order to make communication effective, it should be fulfilled in the best possible manner. In simple words, effective communication is to make a deliberate effort to reach out and connect with others.  Learning the principles of effective communication effectively is vital in the[...]
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10 Benefits of Working with a Professional Translation Company

professional translation company
Thinking of going global, attracting new customers and entering international markets?  Do you need to build a long-term partnership with a reliable translation company in order to translate your website, products and services description and marketing materials? One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to select a professional translation service,[...]
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What is needed to Translate Legal Documents?

legal documents
Legal translation is a complex type of translation that requires deep-rooted knowledge of both the source and target language, as well as an in-depth understanding of the laws of the countries involved. Legal documents are confusing, and it is vital to be familiar with the legal documents required to be translated.  It is not enough[...]
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Translation Services Text Expansion and Contraction

translation services
Text expansion or text contraction occurs when you translate a document from one language into another. This results from differences in sentence structure, grammar tone, writing style, syntax, and word usage across languages. Texts expansion or contraction leads to a lack of an abundance of white space that in turn may affect the design of[...]
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Is Google Translate Enough?

google translate
Dubai has made significant progress in its scale of economic activities and development over the recent decades. This progress has been accompanied by major changes in relation to its population structure and living conditions. However, this emphasizes that translation services in Dubai are considered an important tool in the quest of bridging the gap between[...]
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How translation services in Dubai can help your business grow?

translation services in dubai
Dubai has made a great leap in its economic development since the early twenty-first century.  The successful story of Dubai’s economy relies mainly on its unique business environment that is very attractive to businesses, shoppers, and more recently academics and researchers. What makes Dubai unique is the scale of its economic activities, the efficiency of[...]
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The Cost of legal translation in Dubai

cost of legal translation
Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world. This economic transformation of Dubai over recent decades has been accompanied by major changes in relation to its population structure and living conditions. Subsequently, the legal and administrative systems are evolving parallel to the growing population mobility in Dubai and the rest of the[...]
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Why Dubai is the Middle Eastern Hub of Translation?

translation services dubai
The first-ever Dubai Translation conference was held in 2016. The conference aimed to shed light on the history of the Arabic language, and its significance in today’s world. The conformance also discussed the differences between translation mechanisms and methods. Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, emphasized that translation services in Dubai[...]
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Useful Tips for Legal Translator

legal translator dubai
The translation industry has become a  must in this ongoing process of change.  It has become an incentive to learn and get skills and adapt them to what you have got academically. Legal Translator needs to enhance their productivity to cope with prerequisite skills and mental activities such as language, problem-solving, thinking, conceptualization, information processing,[...]
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