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Five tips to be a Professional Interpreter

مترجم فوري
Interpreting is rendering information and ideas from one language into another language by means of speaking. Interpreters in legal translation Dubai company are concerned with spoken words and verbal communication. In other words, interpreters help people overcome language barriers and serve as a bridge in intercultural communication. Through the listening and analysis effort, the interpreter[...]
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9 Legal Terms English and Arabic

legal terms english arabic
Legal Terms English Arabic Legal Terms English and Arabic are so important for any legal translator so, he should be familiar with the most common legal terms and have depth-knowledge of legal phrases and terminology in the target market. Force Majeure: is a French term that means”greater force”. It is act of God, a natural[...]
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Top useful languages to learn in 2020

useful languages to learn
Nowadays, we live in an interconnected world, and language is the direct connection between each other. This gives learning languages great importance along with its other benefits such as feeding your brain and advancing your career. In this blog post, we present to you the top useful languages to learn in 2020 brought to you[...]
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Coronavirus impact on Translation

Coronavirus impact on Translation
At this time as we face a global pandemic, you may wonder about the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the translation business. As COVID-19 continues to spread, it left many industries across the world counting costs.  Because, many countries started implementing tough measures, to stop the spread of the said virus. One of these[...]
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Arabic Translation Services Dubai

arabic translation services
The Arabic language is voiced by more than 300 million people around the world. It is the official language of the 22 countries and it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The process of translating from Arabic to English or any other language poses a big challenge for translators, due[...]
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Are you a freelancer?

are you a freelancer
Do you know what is the meaning of a freelance job ?? .. Freelance or freelancer is a new word refers to the person who is working for himself or called” self-employed”. The person can be affiliated with a company or not and they can be working for a long time. Also, freelance means to[...]
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Is it Translation, Localization or both?

translation or localization
Translation involves taking a message in one language and accurately rendering it in another language, while Localization is the process of adapting content, product, and websites to fit a specific foreign area to be better understood and received by the target audience. This can be everything from words and numbers, currency, expressions, etc. This means[...]
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8 advanced Translation Tools

Translation Tools
In today’s world, translators use many helpful translation tools to improve their translation workflow and be able to produce high quality and accurate translations. Such tools make the translation process quicker and more accurate and of course, save translators time and effort and it helps the translators to produce a good translation service. Here are[...]
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4 Difficulties of Legal Translation

legal translation in dubai
4 Difficulties of Legal Translation English into Arabic  Legal translators face difficulties in translating legal texts, as some legal concepts are not easily transferrable into the target language. In fact, legal translation dubai is a complex matter. It requires a professional and experienced translator, who can convey the text precisely and accurately into the target[...]
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How to Calculate Translation Costs in UAE?

Translation costs uae
You may ask why some translation service providers charge you more than others. Simply because translation costs in UAE vary depending on many factors, such as text complexity, language combination, the volume of work, your requirements, and so on. Each translation service provider uses different methods to determine and calculate the costs of the translation.[...]
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