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Procedures of Document Notarization in Dubai

Usually undertakings or agreements require attestation, including marriage certificates, local agent agreements, partnership withdrawal agreements, clearance certificates, notary certifications, and memorandums and articles of associations…etc. For attestation, the concerned person must move to Dubai Courts Notary Public with the documents to sign in front of the notary public. Then the person visits the Ministry of Justice and follows its legal procedures for attestation and moves to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for final certification. Either the person uses a proxy, or visits the attesting authorities in person. He can go after work as there are two notary branches (Al Twar & Al Barsha) open till 8:00 pm.

In order to go to Dubai Courts Notary Public, you must have two originals of your documents and all your ID documents such as your passport or UAE ID and document proving your capacity for disposal, including establishment contract or title deed. The most important point here is that if your documents must be translated into another language, you must make sure that you move to a legal translation office in Dubai duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and stamped with the seal of a legal translator on each page of the documents. At the notary public, you will pay AED 110 for the notarization of each document and the whole process will take about 30 minutes to get notary certification.

Thereafter, you visit the UAE Ministry of Justice located on floor 5, Al Serkal Building, Airport Cargo Village, where you will pay AED 52 for an attestation service that will take ten minutes. Then, you go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bur Dubai and you will pay about AED 150 for the attestation of each document.
Note: If you have lost your notarized documents at any time, you can move to Dubai Courts Notary Public in Dubai and apply for another original copy of your documents for low fees. If you need any help or advice on the notarization of your legal documents in Dubai, give us a call and our customer service will guide you.

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