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Affordable Translation Services in Dubai

Here at Alsun Translation, we calculate the translation cost as per word count of the translated text, as each page consists of 200 words, consequently providing the best affordable and cheap translation in Dubai.

The translation rate per page varies depending on certain criteria; the type of the document to be translated, project volume, certification required or not, language pair, and required turnaround time.

This way, our clients can select the service that most suits their needs at any one time and receive affordable translation services in Dubai.

We offer a free quote to send your document and give our certified legal translators in Dubai a chance to get your satisfaction.

If you are searching for a certified translation service in Dubai, look for translation services with Legal Translation Dubai through our team of legal translators approved by all courts, embassies, notary public, and all government entities.

To accomplish your requirements, send your legal documents by email and receive our quotation in a few minutes to let our legal translators finish and receive the translation of your documents fully attested and accurate. Legal translation Dubai is the best provider of translation services in the UAE.

Business Translation

Instant Translation Services in Dubai

Quick legal translation in Dubai is highly critical for law firms, professionals, and other companies to gain a competitive advantage and achieve business success in the UAE market, but the low speed of traditional translation services affects the business of many companies and professionals that require fast certified translation in Dubai of their documents without any delay.


Recently, there is increasing demand for quick translation especially in a fast-paced and highly complicated community like Dubai and with modern digital requirements.

For example, a lawyer has a court session in the morning and has to get some evidence translated by a certified fast translator in Dubai.

If a media agency wants to publish a press release for its important client by tomorrow and it must be submitted in both Arabic and English.

Therefore, Alsun Translation has dedicated a new department to further speed up our translation services to be delivered within 30 minutes or one hour, and provide quick legal translation services in Dubai in order to meet our clients’ demand for speed.

Court Translation

Quality Control

We, at Alsun Translation, translate in line with the best practices of the translation industry and follow strict procedures that ensure the highest level of quality for our clients. First, our translators translate into their native languages and are specialized in specific field/s in which they have more than 5 years of hands-on experience.

Second, we do all our project management and quality control tasks in-house, so that we can handle each project with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Legal translation Dubai is the best provider of translation services in the UAE.

We highly focus on the efficiency of the work we do for our clients to reflect their high position and image to their clients and the world in general.

All our translators and language experts must meet our strict standards of efficiency and professionality and stick to our applicable quality control process.

Each document or project, be it one page or two hundred pages, is therefore handled by our project coordinator who ensures that each part of the project is translated as per the notes submitted by the client and in line with our own quality criteria.

fast turnaround

Fast Translators in UAE

It is well known in today’s digital economy that “Time is Money” and companies and so individuals must act quickly to keep pace with the fast-changing market.

Alsun Translation appreciates the time of its clients and provides instant translation services (calculated by minutes and hours not days) through a team of dedicated professional and fast translators in Dubai. Legal translation Dubai is the best provider of translation services in the UAE.

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