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Quick translation of legal documents

If you have any documents that must be translated and certified within minutes or hours, you can depend
on us as having in-house quick and fast translators ready to fulfill your requirements of speed and accuracy

Instant Translation Services in Dubai

Quick legal translation in Dubai is highly critical for law firms, professionals, and other companies to gain a competitive advantage and achieve business success in the UAE market, but the low speed of traditional translation services affects the business of many companies and professionals that require fast certified translation in Dubai of their documents without any delay. Recently, there is increasing demand for quick translation especially in a fast-paced and highly complicated community like Dubai and with modern digital requirements.  For example, a lawyer has a court session in the morning and has to get some evidence translated by a certified fast translator in Dubai. If a media agency wants to publish a press release for its important client by tomorrow and it must be submitted in both Arabic and English. Therefore, Alsun Translation has dedicated a new department to further speed up our translation services to be delivered within 30 minutes or one hour, and provide quick legal translation services in Dubai in order to meet our clients’ demand for speed.

Quality assurance filters

Each project goes through QA filters to ensure highest quality

Fast Translation

Our large network of translators help us provide fastest translation in Dubai

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We keep pace with emerging techniques in translation industry

As a quick legal translation company in Dubai, Alsun Translation is keen to provide added-value translation to its clients and fulfil all their meets and requirements for speed, quality, and affordability as their strategic partner. On such a basis, we have added a new service to our business by dedicating a network of quick translators in most specifications to be ready to manage any rush translation projects on time. Our system involves the division of one project among several translators having the same style, tone, and field of expertise to ensure a high degree of unified terminology and linguistic consistency. Legal translation Dubai is the best provider of translation services in the UAE. 

How Alsun translation company in Dubai provides rush translation without compromising on quality?

If you need a quick translation in Dubai, we dedicate our fast translators and adapt our services in order to meet your tight deadline by taking the following procedures of rush translation:

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Our legal translators work overnight and/or on weekends to meet your deadline.

We benefit from the time difference by assigning the project to our overseas translators.

We assign several translators in one project and select them based on their field of expertise, same style, high productivity and working on similar projects.

Before assigning the translation project to translators having the same linguistic, technical and stylistic skills, one proofreader shall have a look at the whole project to unify terms and ensure terminological consistency. You can receive a glossary of the terms, if you need it, for your approval before we start.

The proofreader gives instructions to ensure consistency among the translators in terms of the names, main terms, and formatting of figures and dates.

During translation, the proofreader coordinates with translators answers any questions they may have, and share any information with all other translators in the project.

Finally, the proofreader receives the project fully translated and ensures the consistency and accuracy of translation before delivery.

Whatever your translation project, we are committed to your deadlines even if extremely tight. We will support you and clearly clarify the chosen method and process of rush translation to be fully aware of the particulars of your project.

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