10 Benefits of Working with a Professional Translation Company

professional translation company

Thinking of going global, attracting new customers and entering international markets?  Do you need to build a long-term partnership with a reliable translation company in order to translate your website, products and services description and marketing materials? One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to select a professional translation service, instead of hiring freelance translators or trying to do the work in-house. Hiring a professional Translation Company in Dubai has numerous advantages. Here are 10 benefits of having an agreement with a Translation Company as you start your journey into international markets.

A professional Translation Company can Provide Localization

When your business enters a new market, translating your content including your website, product information and advertising and marketing materials into another language, is not enough. You will need to go beyond translation to localization.  Localization is adapting your content to match not only the preferences of the target customers but also the laws and rules of the foreign country. Localization ensures that everything from the language to design, currency, time, date, colours, images and other aspects conform to the local culture.  Localization services require native speakers of the target languages and that is the next benefit of hiring a professional legal translation office Dubai.

Translation Companies use Experienced Native Translators

Native-speaker translators can easily understand the local language and culture as well as all preferences of the target consumers. With a professional translation service, you will guarantee that your translation project is assigned to native translators who have excellent qualifications and extensive experience working on similar projects. The native translators will be subject matter experts in your field, meaning that they understand the jargon of your specific industry.

A professional Translation Company Can Handle Different Projects

A professional translation company in Dubai can successfully manage projects of all volumes and scopes. This includes complex projects that require translating the content into multiple languages. A company provides all qualified translators required for a complex project unlike the case with freelancer translators.

4. Translation Companies provide Human Translation

A translation company guarantees the quality of translation and assigns it to human translators who are highly qualified to meet clients’ requirements and needs.  A translation company usually ensures each translator in its team has in-depth knowledge of the relevant industry and provides 100% human translation.

Translations will be Accurate

Reputable translation companies usually have an internal quality system to ensure the translations are precise. For instance, in legal translation, one mistake can lead to serious consequences.  Any business may be badly affected and lose credibility, just be one translation mistake. So, accuracy is a serious matter regardless of the type of content that is being translated. Hiring a professional Translation Company in Dubai ensures that your project will be translated properly.

Translation companies can be a valuable marketing resource

The advantage of hiring a professional translation company for your translation and localization needs is utilizing marketing services.  It is crucial to adapt your content to international markets through localization. However, a professional translation company can also be your resource for marketing as it has all of the tools in place to help you market your newly localized service.  A professional translation company knows the marketing techniques and the culture and the preference of the local market because it has worked with businesses like yours.

A professional Translation Company uses Translation Technology

Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools are extremely useful translation technology meant to assist in the translation process. CAT tools help to increase the productivity of translators and reduce time and cost by creating terminology databases and glossaries for uniformity. Also, CAT tools help make your content translation in different languages consistent.

Translation Companies Save your Money and Time

Freelance translators’ services may seem cheaper than professional companies’ services but this is not true! Because the slightest mistake in translation or localization has a huge cost.  Hiring a professional translation company saves both time and money. A professional translation company will meet your deadline and deliver precise and high-quality localization or translation.


A Professional Translation Company has a Structured Team

When you hire a translation company you will benefit from their established work process. Professional Translation Company has a dedicated team that includes project managers, translators, proofreaders, as well as other members. The project manager is responsible for handling your project; he will keep you updated on the project progress and address any concerns or inquiries you have.  The translator does the translation work and the proofreader reviews the translation. The Quality control officer ensures content’s quality and accuracy.

A Translation Company can be Your Partner

Collaborating with a professional translation company with extensive experience in localization is evidence that it has worked with companies that have a presence in the global market, which can be an asset to you. The experience of the translation company can qualify it to act as a partner to you in handling new markets. A translation company can conduct market research and analyses to help you determine the next market you should consider.


Expanding your business is an important decision. Partnering with the right professional translation service will guarantee success in the target markets the process can be affordable, efficient, and seamless.

About Alsun

Alsun Translation Services is a leading provider of translation and localization in the UAE. As a professional Translation Company in Dubai, we truly value our clients, so what we deliver is no less than the highest quality. Alsun will definitely be your best choice to go global.

As a Translation company in Dubai, we provide translation services for a wide range of industries including but not limited to:

·         Legal Translation

·         Website translation

·         Marketing Translation

·         Financial Translation

·         Certified Translation

·         Technical Translation

·         Medical Translation

For more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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