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Proofreading services dubai legal translation

Native proofreading services

Alsun Translation has a team of professional Arabic proofreaders in Dubai who are highly qualified to screen any documents or materials for grammatical or spelling or stylistic errors that may be made by second mother-tongue translators.

Our proofreading process ensures that each document is highly translated and originally written as native content customized to fulfill the purpose for which it was written.

Our proofreaders exert their best efforts so that the translation is consistent with the client’s preferences or glossaries and customized to its intended usage.

Arabic proofreading services in Dubai are essential for your website, press release, or marketing materials to ensure that they are highly written and contain no flaws that may affect your image and client’s impression about you.

Business Translation

Professional Interpretation Services

Unlike other translation agencies in UAE that provide only legal translation services, Alsun Translation provides premium Interpretation services in Dubai besides legal translation services through our office in Dubai.

We have a diverse team of Arabic interpreters in Dubai duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and all national and international agencies and organizations in the United Arab Emirates.

We also provide our clients with all the equipment and systems required for simultaneous Interpretation in addition to qualified technicians for the installation and management of Interpretation equipment and tools.

Legal translation Dubai is the best provider of translation services in the UAE.

Certified legal translators in Dubai

Certified Legal Translators

Most companies and individuals in professional fields require the services of certified translators in Dubai, especially in the legal field.

For example, if you need to submit an official Arabic document in a foreign country or any official English document to authorities inside UAE, such documents must be sent to a certified translator in Dubai and duly translated and fixed with his legal seal.

So, advocates, lawyers, and auditors usually need to deal with a certified translator to translate any documents they may have in a foreign language to be submitted to official authorities or sent from one country to another.

Document Attestation

Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Alsun is one of the most trustworthy providers of attestation services in UAE supported by a team of attestation experts fully aware of all details and aspects of the attestation and notarization process.

You can count on us to quickly and efficiently attest your documents from around the world to be officially used in the UAE.

تخليص المعاملات فى دبي

PRO Services Company in Dubai

Alsun Translation is a one-stop business solution providing professional and excellent business services to save the precious time of our clients. You can take all the stress off your shoulders by spending your time developing your own business and hiring Alsun as your reliable pro services company in Dubai to get your job done on time and efficiently.

We have a team of PRO experts fully aware of the various government rules and legal procedures and ready to serve our clients with professional pro services in Dubai. Our PRO specialists process and obtain dozens of visas for companies and individuals who rest assured that their employment visas and documents are processed with the highest care and control.

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