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legal translation Dubai Services

Legal Translation Services

Alsun Translation is a legal translation Office in Dubai duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and specialized only in the legal sector that we master and practice daily. By specializing only in legal translation in Dubai, we can ensure that our legal translators, proofreaders, and project coordinators have excellent knowledge and hands-on experience in the legal sector required for error-free and swift legal translation of all documents.

Business Translation

Business Translation Services

Business Translation in Dubai provides through a team of specialized business translators in Alsun Translation Company in Dubai. The professional team of translators is fully fluent in all terminology used by the business and financial sectors.

We choose only business translators who are fully qualified and trained and have hands-on experience in their chosen field of expertise, in order to ensure that our clients will receive highly accurate and consistent business translations of their documents all the time in Dubai.

Alsun focuses on providing business translation in Dubai with high quality and affordable rates within the scheduled deadline. Business Translation is one of our services in Dubai to translate the business documents like balance sheets, business plans, statistics, and case studies.

legal translation in Dubai

Court Translation Services

The legal documents in lawsuits with parties from different countries must be duly translated into the official language of the jurisdiction to be accepted as official documents by the competent court and be valid under the legal system of the ruling country.

Dubai Court, for example, will not accept documents written in any language other than Arabic, nor any documents not translated into the language of other litigants. Therefore, each litigant in a lawsuit must submit a certified translation of its documents in the official language of the state court and in the language of other litigants, if different. When it comes to court translation, courts adhere to strict standards to leave no room for any error, omission, or inaccuracy in the translation of legal documents submitted.

Certified translation In Dubai

Certified Translation Services

Alsun Translation Service is a well-known company for certified translation in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, there are three types/degrees of translation services that we provide: normal translation, legal translation, and certified translation also known as notarized translation. The required type of translation depends on the nature of your document and its use. We will clarify the differences between the three types here:

Patent Translation Services in Dubai

Patent Translation Services

In the last few years, the number of patents filed in UAE and specifically in Dubai has incredibly increased as companies and institutions expand their reach to the UAE market as the most flourishing market in the Middle East. For these companies to legally protect their trademarks, intellectual properties, and copyrights in UAE, they must translate the patent document into Arabic language as the official language of UAE.

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