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Accurate and Quick Court Translation Services in Dubai

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Court Translation Services in Dubai

The legal documents in lawsuits with parties from different countries must be duly translated to the official language of the jurisdiction to be accepted as official documents by the competent court and be valid under the legal system of the ruling country.  Dubai Court, for example, will not accept documents written in any language other than Arabic, nor any documents not translated into the language of other litigant. Therefore, each litigant in lawsuit must submit a certified translation of its documents in the official language of the state court and in the language of other litigant, if different. When it comes to court translation, courts adhere to strict standards to leave no room for any error, omission or inaccuracy in translation of legal documents submitted.

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We are certified by UAE Ministry of Justice, courts and notaries.

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We are certified by UAE Ministry of Justice, courts and notaries.

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We are certified by UAE Ministry of Justice, courts and notaries.

The legal translation of court documents must be 100% accurate, otherwise it may result in a lawsuit being thrown out or a case easily dismissed! Any document provided as evidence even if one customary paper or 100-page contract must be legally translated by duly certified translation office in UAE. Any mistranslation of submitted documents and evidences may lead to the dismissal of an important argument, opportunity loss and unexpected delays, i.e. high financial and moral losses that may not be caught up.  When translating your court documents, it is incredibly important to hire a reliable legal translation office in UAE to rest assured that the legal translator will meet all legal requirements in terms of accuracy, consistency and drafting.

We have legal translators in Dubai specialized in the following areas

Sales Contract

Sales Contract

SEO Proposal

S.M Marketing Proposal

Sponsorship Proposal

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Agreement

Consulting Agreement

Request for Proposal

Email Cover Letter

Sublease Agreement

Start up business plan

General Power of Attorney

Freelance Contract

Distributor Agreement

Resignation Letter

Event Proposal

S. Development Agreement

Website Standard T&C

P. Management Proposal

Most advocates and law professionals in Dubai know the importance of legal translation of their court documents when going to court, so they choose their legal translation supplier very well after long testing and probation period to gain trust. Many individual advocates and law firms deal with and trust Alsun Translation for years as their reliable legal translation office in UAE. We give them the most important advantage they need, i.e. the confidence in court session and commitment to Court deadlines. As one-stop station of all your translation requirements, we also provide the following translation services in UAE:

POA Translation

Technical Translation

Notary Translation

Financial Translation

Editing& Proofreading

Website Translation



We provide our individual and corporate clients with court translation quickly, efficiently and accurately thanks to our team of highly qualified and experienced legal translators in Dubai.  We have a pool of top law firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who trust us as their permanent provider of legal translation in Dubai. Each one of our legal translators translates only to his native language, he has not less than a 5-year experience in the legal field and is fully aware of the particulars and ambiguities of legal translation. Legal translation is the best provider of translation services in the UAE. Our team is the asset of our success and position as pioneer of court and legal translation in UAE.

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