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Alsun provides accurate and quick legal translations supported by a professional team

of experienced legal translations in all legal specifications

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Alsun Translation is a legal translation Office in Dubai duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and specialized only in the legal sector that we master and practice every day. By specializing only in legal translation in Dubai, we can ensure that our legal translators, proofreaders and project coordinators have excellent knowledge and hands-on experience in the legal sector required for error-free and swift legal translation of all documents.

Notary-Approved Translation

We are certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice, notary and courts.

100 % Timely Delivery

Our project managers guarantee timely delivery all the time.

50 Languages supported

Your one-stop-shop for all the languages you may require.

Alsun provides accurate and reliable language translations for the legal sector. Legal translations are conducted by skilled legal translators with an in-depth knowledge of legal different systems. Our services cover a wide range of legal documents from different law sectors including but not limited to; contracts, litigation, patents, certificates and so on. Here, at Alsun translation services Dubai, we follow strict standards of legal translation services. Our teams of translators and reviewers are native speakers and have extensive experience working in the legal sector. We guarantee the accuracy of our translation services 100%, as the translators have in-depth knowledge of the terminology used within the legal documents.

We daily translate the following legal documents:

Articles of Association

Partnership agreement

Affidavits & Wills

Power of attorney

Judicial Orders

Sales Contracts

Police reports

Litigation papers

Service Agreement

Agreements & Reports

Licenses & Permits

Real estate & Leases


Employment contracts

Insurance Policies

Trademarks & Copyrights

We fully understand how important legal translation is, thus we guarantee the highest standards of accuracy. We are specialized in providing high-quality and error-free legal translation services at affordable prices and we are known for our fast turnarounds. Contact us and get a free instant quote.
A professional legal translator conveys the information in the source text to the target language precisely without ambiguity. Our team of translators has this degree of professionalism; they have extensive experience in the field of legal translation services. 

Whether you’re looking for a legal translation of your agreements, visa, statements, or any other legal documents from or into Arabic or any other languages, we are here for you. Our translation office in Dubai offers professional legal translation services for many law sectors.  Our legal Translation services are recognized and accredited in Dubai and the UAE. Our clients rest assured and trust us to translate all their legal documents. Because our team is committed to non-disclosure agreements to keep our clients’ information confidential.

We provide translation services in Dubai in most language pairs

We have translators in most language pairs as one-stop stations for all your language solutions. Here are some of our most popular languages:

Legal Translation services In Dubai

& more other languages

Native Legal Translators in UAE

Our highly qualified and dedicated legal translators in Dubai have extensive experience and deep background of and passion for legal translation in UAE. We select only the translators who can meet our strict quality procedures. Each one of our legal translators in Dubai must be a native speaker of the target language and has extensive linguistic skills and deep background in the legal source language. Consequently, we ensure that our legal translators are real specialists in the field and can handle the complex and varying legal texts they receive. In addition, our translators must have not less than five years of experience in the translation of legal documents at a reputable translation company. In addition to legal translation services in Dubai, we provide the following package of services:

Certificate translation

POA Translation

Contract translation

Patent translation

Certificate translation

POA Translation

Contract translation

Patent translation

Our skilled project management team will be selected from our pool of legal translators those with the most relevant experience and expertise for your document, ensuring that translators always work in their mother tongue and within their specialist field. Legal translation Dubai is the best provider of translation services in the UAE. 

Our legal translators deal with amongst others, contracts, agreements, court documents including claim forms and witness statements as well as corporate, shipping, IP and insurance matters.

For further information on how we select our legal translators or on how we can assist you with your language requirements please contact us now and our support team will guide you through the process of certifying your documents. You can find more information about our services also.

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