How to translate english to greek

translate english to greek

We’re going to discover everything about how to translate english to greek in detail through this digital article from ATS press.

We specialize in certified and basic translation in English and Greek as well as employ only expert Greek translators with years of full-time translation expertise.

How to translate english to greek

All Greek translation services are completed entirely by human translators who are native Greek speakers who are fluent in English. We have a stringent vetting and quality assurance procedure in place to ensure that all of our Greek translators meet our exacting quality, enabling us to continue providing professional work to our customers.

We provide certified and basic translation services from Greek to English and from English to Greek. If you require your files translated between Greek and a language other than English, kindly contact our customer service before placing your order.

Translations that are certified

translate english to greek
translate english to greek

We could provide elevated certified translations of your files quickly if you need them. Our English-to-Greek translation experts could provide certified translations of any documents you offer. They are identified as completely conversant in both languages and therefore can meet the requirements needed to confirm that the translations are complete and precise translations of the documents.

The most important criterion for certified translations is that the original document is translated and translated correctly. When you choose a known and expert translation service, like the one we offer, you can be confident that your documents would then be of the highest quality.

Translations of Technical Terms

As more firms aim to have their services and goods used in Greece, the demand for high-quality technically literate Greek language translators is increasing. The rapid recovery of the Greek economy, as well as the influx of foreign product lines and businesses doing business in Greece, has fueled the demand for technical file translations.

We can assure rapid and effective translations because we use the best English and Greek translators. This enhances accuracy and efficiency while ensuring that technical and complex components of the translation make much more sense the very same significance in both languages.

Website Translation

translate english to greek
translate english to greek

The internet is the primary source of data for most people, and we can work with your web design team to translate and localize a new or existing website. If you want to enter the Greek market, you should take full advantage of our translation services.

Translation from English into Greek

These days, the English language is so widespread been using that almost everyone can speak it. As a result, Greek-to-English translations (as well as numerous other combinations) are in short supply right now. We have several native Greek/English translators at ATS, so your translations are going to be of excellent quality.


What was the ancient Greek language?

Ancient Greek was a pluricentric language with numerous dialects. The major dialect groups are Attic, Ionic, Aeolic, Arcadocypriot, and Doric, with several subgroups. Some dialects are discovered in normalized writing styles, whereas others are only in writing.

Is the Greek language still spoken nowadays?

Ancient Greek is still spoken today not only in Greece, the Greek Isles, Turkey, as well as Cyprus but also in various western languages.

Is Greek more ancient than Chinese?

However, the earliest written language still used today is probably Chinese, which first emerged around 1500BC… Although, at the same time, ancient Greek appeared in a particular written form.

What is the writing system of Greek?

The writing system of Greek is the Greek alphabet, which consists of 24 letters.

What is the history of the Greek language?

The Greek language has a long and rich history that dates back to the Mycenaean civilization of the Late Bronze Age. It has been continuously spoken for over 3,000 years and has been an important language in literature, philosophy, and science throughout that time.

Is Greek difficult to learn?

Greek can be challenging to learn for non-native speakers, especially because of its complex grammar and different alphabet. However, with consistent practice and the help of a teacher or language learning resources, it can be learned.

How much do you charge per hour to translate?

Overall, the ordinary translator appears to produce somewhere around 400 and 600 finished words per hour. Of course, most individuals aren’t capable of translating for 8 hours straight, and there is always a segment in the file that requires research, which also will slow you down.

How are translation services priced?

The principle is straightforward: to determine how much you should charge for a given translation venture, magnify your price per word by the total amount of words in the original text.

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